CB-06-02/AS 101

CB-06-02, also referred to as AS 101, is our topical treatment for genital warts, based on a tellurium-containing drug. It is currently undergoing a Phase II proof-of-concept clinical trial in Israel.

Product Description

The API of CB-06-02 is chemically an ammonium trichloro tellurate. The chemical formula of CB-06-02 is C2H8O2NCl3Te, its molecular weight is 312.1gr/mole, and its CAS number is 106566-58-9.

Figure 13: Chemical Structure of CB-06-02's API

The API of CB-06-02 is a white, odorless, crystalline solid; the current topical product is formulated as an anhydrous gel with a 15% concentration nof the API.

Mechanism of Action

CB-06-02 is based on tellurium, a rare element. It acts as a low-toxicity immunomodulator in supporting the patient's natural immune response against Human Papilloma Virus, or HPV, and its warts.

Clinical Trials

CB-06-02 is currently undergoing Phase II POC clinical trials in Israel with expected completion in first half of 2016.

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