On 27 May 2015, Cassiopea’s shareholders’ meeting resolved:

  • for the adoption of the current Articles of Association;
  • for a capital increase to a maximum of nominal € 10,000,000 with the issue of 10,000,000 new shares. reserved to the existing shareholders for the purpose of this Offering (including the Over-Allotment Option), granting the Board of Directors all necessary powers and authority required for the implementation of such capital increase including share price determination;
  • for the delegation to the Board of Directors to increase the capital by a nominal amount of € 500,000 by issuing 500,000 new common shares with a nominal value of € 1 each to service an employee stock option plan ("ESOP") according to terms to be set by the Board of Directors after completion of the Offering (including the Over-Allotment Option; and
  • for the appointment of the new Board of Directors of the Company and the new Management Control Committee.

On 14 April 2015, Cosmo Dermatos S.r.l.’s shareholders’ meeting resolved:

  • for the transformation of the Company into an S.p.A. (Joint Stock Corporation);
  • for the change of the Company’s name in Cassiopea;
  • for the adoption of a new articles of association;
  • for the adoption of a nominal value of €1 per share;
  • for the dematerialization of the shares;
  • for the adoption of the corporate governance model called “monistic model”; and
  • for the appointment of a new board of directors of the Company, the Management Control Committee and the Auditing Company.


Cosmo announces termination of license agreement with Valeant.


On 24 May 2013 the shareholders’ meeting of Cosmo S.p.A. (company fully owned by Cosmo Pharmaceuticals S.A.) resolved the partial demerger by means of transferring to the newly incorporated company (Cosmo Dermatos S.r.l.) its business activities relating to dermatological field.


Cosmo announces signing of world-wide licensing agreement for CB-03-01 with Medicis.


Cosmo's CB-03-01 phase II pilot study in acne demonstrates superiority over Retin A® on 11 December.

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